Chris Walton

Learn to play Clarinet, Saxophone or Flute

Dedicated and Hardworking Teacher

Posted by on Feb 22, 2019

Chris Walton is dedicated and hardworking teacher. I have had the pleasure of being Mr. Walton’s student for a year now and I have noticed a major improvement in all aspects of my saxophone playing. Some of the aspects include tuning by trusting in what I hear, rhythm, and overall sound of my playing. He is very patient and kind teacher allowing his students to achieve goals they set for themselves. He is also very knowledgeable of what it takes to not only be a great saxophone player but a great musician. Along with helping you to become a better musician, Mr. Walton also allows you to create your own sound and style that you want as a player. He is also practiced in multiple styles of music ranging from classical to jazz with all the theory that goes with them too. My family and I enjoy listening to Chris when he plays in the community and it is evident that he is a very skilled and confident musician. He brings this into his lessons weekly making them enjoyable and educational.