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Learn to play Clarinet, Saxophone or Flute


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You can learn to play clarinet, saxophone or flute.

We start together at the beginning…

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Christopher D. Walton

I studied saxophone on the Berklee campus in 1979 and I’m earning my degree with Berklee Online, the online extension school of Berklee College of Music. 2018/19 were sabbatical years for me but I do hope to resume in 2020. Online studies create access to the college’s acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world.

I’ve been offering affordable private lessons in Brantford since the 1980’s. I love what I do and this is something I share with my students. From day one, my students learn important foundational techniques to help them boost their skills. Each student has a unique learning style, and I try to find out what that is and adapt my lessons accordingly.

I’m a member of American Federation of Musicians (AFM) of United States & Canada, local 467 Brantford.

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I have been playing clarinet most of my life and began in high school.

I liked the sound and look of the clarinet so I picked it to play. The clarinet was my motivation to continue with music in life and led me to study other woodwinds as well. Start learning with this instrument…

I’m a proud dealer in Brantford for Lyrique and Libertas clarinets and accessories.  I play on a professional Libertas with a Ridenour Artist Pro mouthpiece, Ivorolon barrel and performance ligature.

I’m also a dealer for Bravo reeds and related accessories. These are excellent synthetic reeds for clarinet or sax. Great performance at a great price, available for sale.


Learn to play saxophone

Learning this marvelous instrument is exciting, classical or jazz it’s your choice.

This is a great instrument to learn.

You could learn to play this instrument…


Would you like to start with flute?

Flute is a beautiful instrument to learn and study.
This is also a great option for musicians wanting to add this instrument to double from clarinet, saxophone or both.
Yes you could learn flute…

Note: Contact me to schedule a lesson.
Lessons are taught in your home.


I would like to introduce Mike Borkovic who does all my repair work. Mike repadded my flute and it plays very well. If you want to contact Mike directly please do. Here is his contact information:

Michael Borkovic
519 807 5745
Caledonia, ON

I play clarinet, saxophone and flute and currently work in three bands. “The George Rose Big Band”, “Saxation” a sax quartet and “Splendor In The Brass” music of the 70’s and 80’s.

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Chris Walton is dedicated and hardworking teacher. I have had the pleasure of being Mr. Walton’s student for a year now and I have noticed a major improvement in all aspects of my saxophone playing. Some of the aspects include tuning by trusting in what I hear, rhythm, and overall sound of my playing. He is very patient and kind teacher allowing his students to achieve goals they set for themselves. He is also very knowledgeable of what it takes to not only be a great saxophone player but a great musician. Along with helping you to become a better musician, Mr. Walton also allows you to create your own sound and style that you want as a player. He is also practiced in multiple styles of music ranging from classical to jazz with all the theory that goes with them too. My family and I enjoy listening to Chris when he plays in the community and it is evident that he is a very skilled and confident musician. He brings this into his lessons weekly making them enjoyable and educational. Seth Spry – Brantford, ON