Chris Walton

Learn to play Clarinet, Saxophone or Flute


Ridenour Clarinet Products

Brantford dealer for Ridenour Clarinet Products and accessories. I sell the Lyrique clarinet line that are individually hand-tuned & set up in Texas, U.S.A. Professional clarinets made of hard rubber instead of wood and won’t crack. Dimensionally & acoustically stable.

You can try a Lyrique soprano clarinet for a week then decide if you want to purchase one. Ask for details.

Clarinets for sale are: B flat, A, C and bass clarinets.

Please use the following website for great educational articles about clarinets & related topics. Click here!

Bravo Reeds

iTeach is also a Brantford dealer for Bravo Reeds and accessories from Hollywood Winds, California USA. These are synthetic reeds that sound great but are not expensive. Reed boosters available as well & these work with any reed material encouraging higher harmonics and better response.